HRSA Volunteer Coaching

Introducing our Volunteer Coaches of the Year


2018 Coaches of the Year – Jeff Hunt and John Lawless. Thanks for a wonderful year with HRSA!

Simply the MOST important person in our club, the Volunteer Coach keeps us all running. Without these wonderful men and women, the kids do not get to play and the club doesn’t exist – period.

About HRSA Volunteer Coaching

We welcome you to HRSA Volunteer Coaching! At the younger age groups (U6-U8), no soccer or Coaching experience is required; we’ll give you all the tools you need! You just need to be willing to have fun with the kids!

Volunteer Coaches get the benefit of picking their practice night, time and location from our list of available fields. (Coaches must be 21 years or older). To Volunteer please contact the age group registrar.

To view and communicate with your team roster, HRSA Coaches can LOGIN HERE. You must use your TEAM Username/Password, your children’s info (or your Coach info) will not work. Follow the “Teams & Team Offcials” link, then put your info in the “Team Account” box.

Once you login correctly, you should be able to view/print rosters, and email/text your team through the system. If you have any trouble, email us!

For the PARENT CODE OF CONDUCT, CLICK HERE This is a pdf form that can be filled out electronically. Type in your information and then print, no saving.

Coach keeps them at all practices, games and events.

Volunteer Coach Resources

Coach Registration

Click here to register as a volunteer coach.

Team Photos

YSPN is HRSA’s offcial team photographer and best of all they come to your practice to capture those special moments. Click here to see the YSPN flyer.

To schedule your pictures please click here.

End of Season Awards

HRSA has a participation certificate that you can fill out. Click here for the Fall 2019 HRSA Certificate Award.

For team trophies we recommend Crown Trophy in Littleton, Colorado here.

HRSA Coaches Curriculum

Our goal when designing the U5- U8 curriculum is to maximize a players time with a ball through playing, all while having Fun! At U8 we continue to develop motorskills along with maximizing contact with the ball. Developing a relationship with teammates becomes more important at this age level.


HRSA Volunteer Referees

Refs are a vital component of the HRSA experience and many of our programs could not happen without these individuals.

If you can help your child’s rec team as a volunteer ref, we will provide all the training you need.

Volunteer refs need only attend 1 class for every two seasons, so if you attended training in the Spring, you need not
re-attend the following fall (although it’s always a good idea for refreshers and new rules!).

U7/U8 teams need to provide one ref for their home games (4 total).

U9-U14 teams may have a Center Referee assigned and paid for by the club.

In instances where there is no center ref, teams will be asked to provided a volunteer center along with the linesmen that need to be provided for ALL games.

Interested in HRSA Volunteer Coaching?