HRSA Soccer Schedules

Find the latest HRSA practice and game schedules below:

Practice schedules are in a PDF format and require an adobe reader or google pdf viewer in your browser.

Coaches will communicate with the team where practices will be held.

Coaches that have multiple teams may have their younger team at a different practice location, please be sure to look at all practice grids to find out if they have scheduled It.

See your coach for more details and check the field locations page for information on locations.

Spring 2019 Game Schedules

U6 – U8 Boys and Girls Interleague

U9 – U10 Boys and Girls Interleague

U10 Boys – Wolverines 2009 Anderson

U11 Boys – Ahlstrom

U11 Boys – Knights

U11 Boys – Nightmares

U11 Girls – Bumblebees

U11 Girls – Kicking Ponies

U11 Girls – Sharks

U12 Boys – Knights

U12 Girls – Sonic Boom

U13 Girls- Dynamite

U13 Girls – Lightning John

U14 Boys – Speedy Monsters

U14 Girls – Chipmunks

U14 Girls – Hot Lava Girls

U14 Girls – Shooting Stars

U15 Boys – Fire Dragons

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