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HRSA Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about HRSA youth soccer programs.

Registration is found on the Register page. Select the appropriate age group and click on the register button. Remember to sign up early for our discount pricing!

Our current pricing is found on the Registration Page and based on age group.

For discount pricing, sign up early!

All age groups are determined by birth year. Visit the Registration Page to find the appropriate birth year.

All of our registrations are done online. You cannot register over the phone because you must agree to a release/waiver that’s posted in the online registration process.

  1. Visit the Registration Page
  2. Determine which age group you would like to register for
  3. Follow the button link to complete the registration process

This is a common problem we face with our database. When you push the re-set button the information is sent to got sport and not HRSA.

Please contact your registrar via email and ask them to reset the password.

The registrar will email you the new password once it has been reset.

If you have registered prior to closing:

Most likely you are using the Family Account to register which the username / password could be tied to an older or younger player, thus aging you out of the program.

You must log into the Individual User Account with the user name and password associated with the proper aged player.

Use the Notes Box, which you’ll find as you progress through the registration process.


Yes, you will have received a receipt via email to confirm you have registered.  If you did not here are a few things you can check.

It is possible that when you entered the credit card and saw that it was “Accepted”, you closed out your window without actually processing the card.  Please push “Process Registration” or “Process Credit Card”.

Spam make sure this did not go into your Junk mail.

Funny you should ask!  We outline the next steps in the Registration process, i.e. when you should receive communication from the club, coach and when practices begin.  It is printed on your receipt and found on the website.

Our Volunteer Coaches get to pick practice night, time and location. Schedules should be finalized by mid-August (Fall season) or late-February (Spring season).

Our home fields are in Highlands Ranch, Roxborough, and southern Littleton / Centennial, and we try to keep teams either school or locale-centric.

As schedules are finalized and updated, they’ll be posted on the our Schedules page. Practices typically start no earlier than 5pm, and games can run anywhere between 9am-4pm (with the majority played between 10am-3pm).

We love to work with volunteers here at HRSA and always welcome newcomers! If you are enthusiastic, passionate and organized, we’d love your help!

Check out our Volunteers Page to learn more and to get started.

While league play is reserved for Fall and Spring seasons, we do offer a series of camps in the Summer and Winter seasons!

Highlands Ranch Soccer Association offers a great way for soccer players and teams to advance their skills and get ahead of the game.

For more information on our current camps and to get signed up, visit our Camps page.

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