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Rules of Play

The following guidelines are intended to be user friendly and to promote consistency in the rules used during the game of soccer. We ask coaches to share this information with assistant coaches and parents.

U6 – U7: The field of play should be rectangular with the length being a maximum or 40 yards and minimum of 30 yards. The width should be a maximum of 30 yards and minimum of 20 yards. The length in all cases shall not exceed the width.
U8: The field of play should be rectangular with the length being 55 yards. The width should be 35 yards. The length in all cases shall not exceed the width.
U9-U12: The field of play should be rectangular with the length being 80 yards. The width should be 50 yards. The length in all cases shall not exceed the width.
U13/Older: The field of play should be rectangular with the length being 100-110 yards. The width should be 60-70 yards. The length in all cases should not exceed the width.

U6 – U8: Size 3
U9 – U12: Size 4
U13 – older: Size 5

U6-U7: The game is played with 3 players of each team on the field. A maximum of 6 players on a roster. The game is played without a goalkeeper.
U8: The game is played with 5 players on each team (5 field players and goalkeeper). A maximum of 8 players on a roster.
U9-U10: The game is played with 7v7 players on each team (6 field players and goalkeeper). A maximum of 10 players on a roster.
U11-U14 The game is played with 9 players on each team (8 field players and goalkeeper). A maximum of 14 players on a roster.

All children must get at least 50% playing time. The goal is equal and equitable playing time, ideally one half to three quarters of each game.

For U6-U8, substitutions are allowed on any stoppage of play. This includes the following:
1. When ball has gone out of play including goal kicks and corner kicks
2. After a goal has been scored.
3. Injury time outs
For U9/older, here are the instances when you can make a substitution:
1. Your throw-in, or other team’s throw-in if they sub as well
2. Any goal-kick
3. Any kick-off (after goals are scored)
4. Any injury

It is very important to be liberal with substitutions so all players get equal playing time.

Players are required to wear the official Highlands Ranch Soccer Association Uniform. For the safety of all players, names of individuals will not be permitted anywhere on the outside of the uniform.

Uniforms can be ordered online by following the link under the drop down menu “Uniforms” under the registration tab.

Description of official uniform: Blue or White jersey with HRSA logo, black shorts, White or black socks, shin guards, and footwear.

The home team wears the blue jersey and the visiting team wears the white jersey.
A player shall not wear anything that is dangerous to another payer.

The following items are NOT permitted:
1. Hair control devices with any hard parts
2. Jewelry of any sort, including earrings of any kind regardless of covering

The following items are CONDITIONALLY permitted:
1. Religious medals or medical tags which are taped to the body
2. Splints, casts, braces or other joint support devices that, on both coaches’ opinion are
not dangerous or are padded with pliable materials to eliminate the dangerous

Molded soccer cleats (recommended U7-older) or tennis shoes.
SHINGUARDS ARE MANDATORY and must be made of a suitable material (rubber, plastic, polyurethane or similar substance), and socks must entirely cover the shin guards.

Updated soon!!!

U6 – U7: Opponents should be 5 yards from the center mark while kick-off is in process.
U8-U14: Opponents should be outside the center circle while kick-off is in process.

U6-U10, no scores shall be advertised. At all levels however, scores will be kept by the coaches and the team record will be reported to HRSA at the end of the game for flighting purposes only. In an effort to promote a positive soccer experience, the HRSA staff flights age groups if possible. Our objective is to place similarly skilled teams in the same divisions. Despite our best intentions, there will be games when two teams are not of equal level and ability.

It is the belief of HRSA that when there is a great disparity in the skill level of two teams during a game, the potential for a positive soccer experience may be diminished. There is also the potential for negative player and parental feelings towards the game, opposing team and opposing coach. In the event that one team is dominating the game, the team which is losing has the option to add one extra player to the playing field. This is to be called the ‘Good Sportsmanship Rule’. The intent of this rule is to create an environment that is both fun and challenging for both teams.

Highlands Ranch Soccer Association


There are 7-8 games per season and the games are held on Saturdays when all possible. The spring season is from the middle of March to the middle of May. The fall season begins at the end of August and goes through the end of October, possibly early-November.

Parents should visit www.highlandsranchsoccer.com/news to determine if the fields have been closed due to poor weather. A phone tree should then be implemented to notify all players on your team. If games have not been canceled, all players should come to the field at the scheduled time. If HRSA games have been canceled, the league will email Coaches their reschedule options. If a season is disrupted due to inclement weather, there is a possibility that games will not be rescheduled. HRSA may allow two or less games to not be rescheduled in any season. There are no refunds for unplayed games due to inclement weather.

In the event that there is a need to cancel or delay games due to inclement weather (especially due to lightning), this is the procedure that should be followed by all HRSA participants.
1. At any time, the coaches (coaches should confer with one another on the game field) can make the decision to clear their field if they feel that the conditions are unsafe.
2. If at any time a parent feels that her/his child is endangered due to weather, we recommend that he/she take his/her child to the nearest enclosed shelter.

If one half of the game has been played, the game stands and will not be made up. If less than one half of the game has been played, then the game will be replayed in entirety at the proper HRSA scheduled make-up game date and time.

The HRSA Staff, Committee Members, Officers and Board of Directors and referees may request the immediate removal of a coach, assistant coach or spectator from the game site for the following reasons: 1) use of foul language; 2) verbal and/or physical harassment of the referee or linesman; 3) non-compliance with HRSA game policies or standards of conduct; 4) verbal or physical confrontation with an opposing coach, player or spectator; 5) derogatory comments directed at any player. The Coaches Committee has the right to temporarily suspend coaching privileges or spectator viewing rights. The committee may recommend to the Executive Committee possible removal of the offending player, parent, coach or spectator from the HRSA.


Players NOT on the roster and not registered with the HRSA may NOT practice or play with any team, and it is the coach’s responsibility to strictly enforce this rule. Coaches need to note that by letting a player play or practice with your team without his/her name on a current HRSA roaster may make you, the coach, liable for an injury sustained to the player during practice or games. If a non-registered player plays with registered players it makes all players on the field of play ineligible to receive secondary insurance coverage through CSA. DO NOT ALLOW NON-REGISTERED PLAYERS TO PLAY FOR ANY REASON.

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