Highlands Ranch Soccer Association

Policies and Philosophy

The Highlands Ranch Soccer Association (HRSA) exists to provide the youth of Highlands Ranch and surrounding areas an opportunity to play soccer. The organization will promote the development of its players, coaches, and teams. Team goals include developing good sportsmanship and teamwork.

All eligible individuals who apply within the deadline will be assigned to a team on a space available basis. There will be no tryouts or other requirements to play except payment to HRSA.

Players are set up by gender/age groups/divisions. Players born August 1st through July 31st of the following year are grouped together. Players are then grouped in area (town/city), school, and special request (coach, friend, etc) as long as they have met the deadline. Players are then added to a team until the proper size of the team has been met. Every effort will be made to assign your child to a team located close to your home or school. Only HRSA Staff can assign a player to a team, coaches cannot guarantee or offer a place on a team. Roster limits will be adhered to in order to maximize each child’s playing time.

The success of this program depends on volunteer coaches for the teams. HRSA will assign a coach to each team and when available an Assistant Coach will be assigned. No experience in soccer is required; however, all coaches are required to attend one coaching clinic per year in order to provide age specific and consistent coaching methodology.

All teams will be assign no less than two adults, per team, to be present at all team functions such as games, practices, picnics, etc. No Exceptions!
1. The adults assigned can be a combination of coaches, snack coordinator, parents, etc.
2. While the focus of this policy is the child it also provides protection for the volunteers in case of misunderstandings.
3. CYS and US Youth Soccer has for a long time recommended that volunteers not provide transportation for non-family members. This was more of an insurance issue but now has implications in regards to the intent of the “Times Two” policy.


Should the fields close prior to 3 pm, this website and field closure hotline will be updated accordingly. Should inclement weather arrive after 3 p.m. it becomes the coaches discretion whether to have practice or not. Please keep in mind that it may be inclement in one area of town, but not at practice sites, and weather condition can change quickly. Coaches or team managers should follow up with the team should practice gets cancelled.
Lightning Policy

Lightning Safety

1. Coaches, please download the FREE Weather Bug App. If you don’t have a smartphone, have a parent on your team be responsible for downloading/monitoring.

2. Click the Spark tab at the bottom of the page. If lighting strikes are detected within 10 miles all players and coaches must seek shelter.

3. Once the Spark tab shows that there are no lightning strikes within 10 miles away, players must wait 30 minutes to return to the fields. (If lightning strikes are detected again within 10 miles, the 30 minute clock starts again)

What to do?

1. All players must get into a car immediately!

2. Training is considered finished if there is less than 45 minutes left in training when lightning is detected.

3. Parents should provide shelter for players as soon as possible once lightning is detected.

4. Please do not drop off children if there is a weather delay!

5. If threatening weather is present, please remain at the field until the conclusion of training or practice.

Thank you for your time and adherence to these measures. For more information on Lightning Safety and Outdoor Sports Activities, visit this link:

Coaches are expected know and abide by the HRSA Rules and Procedures. In addition, these rules should govern the behavior and demeanor of the coaches:
1. The possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances in the field area is prohibited. A coach should not arrive at a practice or game field under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substance.
2. The consumption of tobacco products at the practice or game fields is prohibited.
3. All criticism addressed to players should be constructive criticism.
4. A coach will not physically, mentally or sexually abuse a player.
5. A coach will be punctual for his practices and games, prepared, and neatly attired.
6. In all things a coach will set, through word and action, the highest standard of sportsmanship for his or her team.
7. All coaches will sign and return to HRSA a volunteer disclosure statement at least once per seasonal year (spring–fall).

We expect all participants to treat all individuals with respect and courtesy. By registering your child with HRSA you are agreeing to abide by their standard. All adults must stay off the field and away from the goals. It is the expectation of the HRSA that all participants (player, parent, coach, referee, spectator) will adhere to the following standards of conduct:
1. Comments that are negative in nature will not be directed toward any referee, opposing player or team members or team parents.
2. Complaints regarding HRSA Coaches/Assistant Coaches should be addressed to the HRSA Administrator. If resolution is not satisfactory, document your concerns in writing to the attention of the HRSA Executive Committee.
3. Concerns regarding your child’s team should be directly addressed to the HRSA Administrator. If resolution is not satisfactory, document your concerns in writing attention of HRSA Executive Committee.
4. The highest standards of sportsmanship will be evident at all HRSA functions. Any negative behaviors, which include but are not limited to: spitting, derogatory comments directed at opposing players, refusal to shake hands at the end of games, throwing of objects, can result in a child’s suspension from the next HRSA event (game, tournament play, etc.)
5. Concerns regarding the HRSA should be documented in writing and sent to the HRSA to the attention of HRSA Administrator.
6. Any breaches of the above standards of conduct can result in your child’s suspension and a participant’s removal from the HRSA. Comments and behaviors of any participant, which contradict the mission statement, disrupt the functioning of a team or the HRSA can result in suspension and/or removal from the HRSA, on the recommendation of the Executive Committee.

It is the policy of HRSA to refund registration fees only if you move out of the southern Denver metro area prior to the start of season or if the child is unable to participate due to injury or illness as documented by a physician. Refunds granted are subject to a $35.00 handling fee. If we are unable to honor a special request registration there will be no refund. Conflicts with practice schedules are not grounds for a refund. If HRSA is unable to place your child on a team, a full refund will be issued. Refunds granted between seasons are subject to the handling fee and the single season fee. No refunds will be granted after your specific age group closes for registration.

Highlands Ranch Soccer Association


There are 7-8 games per season and the games are held on Saturdays when all possible. The spring season is from the middle of March to the middle of May. The fall season begins at the end of August and goes through the end of October, possibly early-November.

Parents should visit to determine if the fields have been closed due to poor weather. A phone tree should then be implemented to notify all players on your team. If games have not been canceled, all players should come to the field at the scheduled time. If HRSA games have been canceled, the league will email Coaches their reschedule options. If a season is disrupted due to inclement weather, there is a possibility that games will not be rescheduled. HRSA may allow two or less games to not be rescheduled in any season. There are no refunds for unplayed games due to inclement weather.

In the event that there is a need to cancel or delay games due to inclement weather (especially due to lightning), this is the procedure that should be followed by all HRSA participants.
1. At any time, the coaches (coaches should confer with one another on the game field) can make the decision to clear their field if they feel that the conditions are unsafe.
2. If at any time a parent feels that her/his child is endangered due to weather, we recommend that he/she take his/her child to the nearest enclosed shelter.

If one half of the game has been played, the game stands and will not be made up. If less than one half of the game has been played, then the game will be replayed in entirety at the proper HRSA scheduled make-up game date and time.

The HRSA Staff, Committee Members, Officers and Board of Directors and referees may request the immediate removal of a coach, assistant coach or spectator from the game site for the following reasons: 1) use of foul language; 2) verbal and/or physical harassment of the referee or linesman; 3) non-compliance with HRSA game policies or standards of conduct; 4) verbal or physical confrontation with an opposing coach, player or spectator; 5) derogatory comments directed at any player. The Coaches Committee has the right to temporarily suspend coaching privileges or spectator viewing rights. The committee may recommend to the Executive Committee possible removal of the offending player, parent, coach or spectator from the HRSA.

Players NOT on the roster and not registered with the HRSA may NOT practice or play with any team, and it is the coach’s responsibility to strictly enforce this rule. Coaches need to note that by letting a player play or practice with your team without his/her name on a current HRSA roaster may make you, the coach, liable for an injury sustained to the player during practice or games. If a non-registered player plays with registered players it makes all players on the field of play ineligible to receive secondary insurance coverage through CSA. DO NOT ALLOW NON-REGISTERED PLAYERS TO PLAY FOR ANY REASON.

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